Kylie: I want to be playful, not vulgar

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Kylie Minogue says she will only do “sexy” if it’s also “elegant”.


The Australian singer is having a musical comeback with her album Kiss Me Once. It’s a sensual record, with her Sexercise track raising eyebrows, along with the racy promo.

However, Minogue knows there’s a fine line between tasteful and vulgar.

“I’m not interested in, as the French say it best, vulgaire. I naturally have playfulness. Any of the images, that I do, like the video for Sexercise, there’s a wink that people know,” she explained to radio广西桑拿,.

“People know my personality, that’s just where I take it to. I actively make those choices, but often that’s just naturally how it is.

“I’m thinking of the Sexercise video, we had to film a lot to get those shots and then it’s all about choices and which shots do you use. It could have been a very different video, one that I am proud of and that I don’t agree with. I try to work with people who are on the same page as me and have a similar aesthetic and understanding. I think it’s great to push the boat out when you can, but I would like to stay elegant with it.”

Minogue, 45, has worked with several big names on her new album, including Enrique Iglesias and Australian musician Sia, who produced the record.

Pharrell Williams appears on track I Was Gonna Cancel, which was born when Minogue had a bad day and originally planned to postpone her meeting with the Happy singer.

“I don’t really cancel much at all, that’s the funny part,” she revealed.

“I push myself and I push myself to ridiculous limits so I don’t have to cancel. I hate letting people down. That’s unusual for me.

“I guess that’s why I didn’t cancel and I did turn up to work, I did embarrass myself by having a meltdown at the studio. I wouldn’t say it’s made me change my mind [about cancelling].

“I do think about it a lot when I look at my phone and it asks if you want to make the move or cancel. So I see the word ‘cancel’ a lot, I don’t press it a lot but I do see it a lot.”

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