Boys don’t need bodysuits: Michael Kors

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Fashion designer Michael Kors will never make bodysuits for men again.


Kors’ Autumn/Winter 14 collection was praised for its ease and elegance when it debuted at New York Fashion Week earlier this month. While he is much-loved in the industry, Kors is only too aware that he hasn’t always got it right.

“We made bodysuits for men once. But I’ll never do that again,” he laughed to British magazine InStyle.

Kors has regularly credited his family with helping him make it in the industry. His mother was hugely into style, as was his grandma, and he can vividly recall overhearing the women in his family argue about shoes. That dedication awakened something in him at an early age.

“I had a pretty strong point of view on my mother’s wedding dress when I was only five years old,” he laughed, before explaining he still likes to be hands on.

“Absolutely. Day to day, I’ll meet with everyone from design to PR to merchandising. I have a lot of opinions, so I like to know what’s going on.”

Earlier this year, Kors became fashion’s newest billionaire, but his success doesn’t mean he thinks he knows it all. The designer looks up to a lot of people, with ’70s star Halston one of those he admires.

“I think Halston really blew the doors open for American sportswear,” he said.

“He took this idea of glamour and luxury and turned it into something modern and sexy.”

Kors obviously understands that fashion is a business, but he sometimes fears that means the message is lost. While many houses are all about the bottom line, he wants women to feel good in his clothes and have fun when wearing them.

“I think sometimes we all need to lighten up,” he said.

“It’s fashion – it should be fun. I like when my models smile and have a bit of personality because that’s what brings the clothes to life.”

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